We Love Go Local

GO LOCAL is a network of locally-owned entities working together to build a thriving local economy and promote sustainable practices.

We appreciate and vigorously support family and locally owned businesses.

Unique to its location in the heart of Sonoma County, Andy’s is able to obtain many items from local farmers who only produce small amounts. So during the summer, fruits like berries and apples come right from farms near the market. Although the price may not beat the large, more corporate-type farmers at the City Market, Andy’s appreciates and vigorously supports other family and locally-owned businesses. No matter which season it is or which fruit or vegetable you’re searching for, if it’s available anywhere in northern California, Andy’s will have it.

In addition to buying from neighboring family farms, the buyers at Andy’s also work from the San Francisco City Market, transporting only the most premium produce back to our retail store as well as several local restaurants. Our buyers meet every afternoon to discuss inventory and decide what to purchase, being careful to ensure only the freshest fruits and vegetables are displayed. As night falls, our experienced buyer’s workday begins. He is met at the San Francisco City Market by one of Andy’s semi trucks to purchase and bring home produce for the next morning. If a product is not up to standards, he calls in to other farmers in the area to discuss what they have available to send to the store. After hours of viewing, testing and negotiating, he and the semi come home to deliver the goods that within hours will be distributed to the retail store as well as local restaurants.

Andy’s is a proud member of GO LOCAL, a network of locally-owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies working together to build a thriving local economy by supporting local, independently owned businesses and promoting sustainable practices.