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Andy's Produce Market09/19/2017 at 11:15pm
At Andy’s Produce Market we feel very fortunate to have a few Crane Melons. Come on in and try one today because this is local at its best! Want to know more?
Wikipedia writes, The Crane Melon is a variety that was developed in the early 1900s in Santa Rosa, California. It is grown and sold at the Crane Melon Barn on Petaluma Hill Road. A ripe melon can grow to be about 4-7 pounds and has an orange flesh. The melon is described as "exceptionally sweet and juicy".
In 1920 Oliver Crane, Richard Crane's son, developed the heirloom Crane Melon. He crossed several species of melons including a Japanese melon, a Persian melon, an ambrosia melon, and white melon. The Crane Melon is not found at grocery stores; it is farmed on the Crane Ranch, it is vine-ripened and does not have a shelf life to be shipped “The Crane melon’s flavor is due to its terroir. The melon was developed to be a particular soil, within a specific climate zone, farmed in a certain style.”
At Andy’s Produce Market we consider these delicious, local, rare horticulture wonders and culinary treats! 😎
Andy's Produce Market
Andy's Produce Market09/18/2017 at 8:42pm
It's another Meatless Monday Meal!
Andy's Produce Market
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One of Sonoma County's finest, the Crane Melon is here!
Andy's Produce Market
Andy's Produce Market09/18/2017 at 8:03pm
The perfect meal for the busy family! #Meatless #Monday
Andy's Produce Market
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Picked fresh in Lake County, Andy’s has Bartlett Pears on sale for just ninety-nine cents a pound. These perfect pears are picked when they are green and ripe when they turn yellow. We asked Michael our cheese wiz what cheeses he likes to pair with Pears! His perfect cheese plate with Pears is Coastal English Cheddar for its deep creamy flavor that compliments the sweet, savory pear. His favorite is the Prairie Breeze Cheddar because it’s a sweeter bouquet cheese that has a great taste and texture. For a Blue Cheese try the Ellie’s Blue, it’s aged for two years instead of a few months, and it pops with the Pear and a bit of Honey that’s drizzled around it Come pick up some Bartlett Pears and check out our gourmet cheese case. Andy’s Produce Market is open every night until 8 pm on HWY 116 just North of Sebastopol.
Andy's Produce Market
Andy's Produce Market09/11/2017 at 11:58pm
It's to hot to cook in the kitchen! Break out the grill and enjoy these tonight!